Cerwin Vega XD8S

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  • Cerwin Vega XD8S

The efficient XD8 Subwoofer offers an extended bass response, high SPL and an optimally designed port for proper low frequency phase alignment and minimal turbulence. In addition to the standard audio input and outputs, a volume knob, crossover switch and polarity switch can be found at the rear of the sub for aligning its audio to the desktop monitors. A System Remote connection port is also on the sub for use with the included XD8 Remote Control, which allows for easy volume control of the entire system. Featuring a Volume knob and Mute/Bypass switch,   it is also outfitted with an audio input jack.

Features -

  • Efficient high excursion 8 inch subwoofer for extended bass response and high SPL covered with protective steel grill
  • Optimally designed port for proper low frequency phase alignment and minimal turbulence
  • Volume knob for matching sub output to desktop monitors
  • Crossover Selection Switch for matching sub to desktop monitors
  • Polarity switch to ensure proper phase alignment with your desktop monitors
  • Connection to included remote for easy access to the entire audio system
  • Remote includes Mute/Bypass Switch, 1/8 inch Audio Input and a Volume Knob
  • Driver: 8 inches
  • Frequency Response: 35Hz – 255Hz
  • Amplifier Power: 80 W RMS
  • Porting: Custom Tuned Front Porting
  • Controls: Selectable Crossover (80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz, Bypass) Rotary Volume Control